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Cole Conley, Jamestown, N.D., Published August 13 2013

Letter: Heitkamp agenda clearly is liberal

In 2012 Heidi Heitkamp ran as an independent and moderate Democrat who was going to be the voice for North Dakota rather than be a party lackey. The facts are, however, that she is exactly the latter. On almost every occasion she votes party-line with the Democrats under the misguided leadership of Harry Reid.

Recently, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp came out in support of gay marriage. Of course, she waited until after the election to show her liberal policies. If that’s the way she felt, then why not stand for it during the election? A majority of North Dakotans are against same-sex marriage and it goes against their wishes to push for it.

Sen. Heitkamp also very vividly flashed her liberal side when she voted in favor of President Barack Obama’s budget proposal on March 23, which included over $1 trillion in tax increases. This is not something that a supposedly independent senator representing North Dakota would do. With this vote, she was representing her class-warfare buddies in the Democratic Party, not the citizens of the state.

I really wish she would be honest with us and publicly stand behind her liberal agenda.