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Koly Speer, Ulen, Minn, Published August 10 2013

Letter: Deer to landfill ludicrous option

I try not to let things I read bother me, but the article about the deer being put in the Fargo landfill as the best option is ludicrous. How on earth could putting a dead, soon-to-be-rotting deer in the landfill be the right option?

You know how rare it is to see a buck in velvet, let alone mount it for others to see? I didn’t see my first buck in velvet until I was in my 40s, and most people have no idea what it is.

Lt. Joel Vettel’s response to taking the head to mount it was “I guess that I don’t think that’s a real proper use of our wildlife.” So dumping it in the landfill is? You just destroyed something beautiful, and it could have been preserved. I think Vettel just didn’t what to let someone else have something he wanted so badly. Vettel is selfish.

I say, let North Dakota Game and Fish decide what happens to wildlife killed by accident, even if it is in the city. They understand nature’s beauty.