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Bob Eveslage, New Ulm, Minn., Published August 10 2013

Letter: Sad, then angry about letter

I was touched with sadness, and then anger, when I read the letter submitted by Thomas Brenner concerning abortion. He stated his feelings that abortion should be decided by the child’s memory capabilities instead of the child’s heartbeat. Are you kidding me?

After researching this issue, I read that a child can start developing “memories” when he or she is born, although they would be “jumbled” memories. The child could be anywhere between the age of 2 and 6 years old before memories might be recalled later in life.

Brenner also used Alzheimer’s disease as an example of “loss of memory.” So are we to assume that an Alzheimer patient’s life also isn’t worth anything because they have lost their memory?

Then he went on to say the abortion issue should be decided by the woman only. Then he asks, “Why is it some people’s further mission to save ‘human beings’ whom they have no association or knowledge of?” – meaning those of us who oppose abortion should “back off.”

Well, I personally don’t know the neighbors four houses down, so if they are in a car accident or house fire, why should I bother to help them since I “have no association or knowledge of” them! Yes, there are threats of overpopulation in the world, but abortion is not the answer. There are alternatives such as birth control. I personally know quite a few couples who would love to adopt a child, and that is another alternative to abortion.

Ending a child’s life because their memory hasn’t fully developed yet is, without a doubt, the most horrifying and terrible excuse for murder I’ve ever heard! Life is a precious gift.