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Jimm Leonard Caverly, Fargo, Published August 10 2013

Letter: Hackled goose bumps lavished my hide

Matriculating at Acme University and being attendant to the cradle-to-grave musterings of the Ajax Field of Fun and Fantasy Fellowship, the L.A. Times’ Horsey cartoon (July 21, Page C6) assaulted my Forum gleaners as though a stray load of hurled blacksmith’s anchors and hastily discarded kitchen sinks had just clobbered my afflicted brain-pan. “Who scares you?” inquired the presentation.

I observed that among these portrayed – there were no killer clowns from outer space and no Elvis impersonators, thanks be to merciful glory.

Then, I noted, none of the characterized assemblage seemed to evoke any sense of nimble nihilistic elitism – that luggage of naked self-aggrandizement concealed behind the verbal fig leaf of meritocracy.

As Kwan Fu Tsu quilled: “I cried because I had no shoes, then I saw a man who had no feet.” Yes, indeedy.

Those puerile jobbenowl who lavish my hide with hackled goose-bumps; who frigidly make my skin crawl; who shiver my timbers and truly do scare me, are the congenitally oafish miscreants who concordantly advocate “socio-political meritocracy.”

Let us grant such creeps no privilege. They have no stereotype and are very hard to draw.