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The Forum, Published August 08 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: A week of good movies and 'Bad' TV

It’s a week of good movies, “Bad” TV and revealing celebrity tweets.


Variety’s Heidi Shaffer and John Lamb are split on which movies to watch in theaters or wait to rent, but with six new releases in Fargo, it’s a great week to catch a film.


SHAFFER: “Elysium,” starring Matt Damon opens, and it looks like just what the summer needed: yet another destined-to-flop sci-fi thriller with a big budget and even bigger stars.

LAMB: Wait, is this that fake movie Ben Affleck was pretending to make to get the Americans out of Iran in “Argo”? What was that movie called?

S: Focus, John. “Elysium” is set in the year 2154, and all of the rich people live on space stations. So essentially it’s a really depressing “Wall-E.”

L: Nope. It wasn’t “Wall-E” I was thinking about. Anyway, where was I? I get so confused with Matt Damon sci-fi movies, like “The Adjustment Bureau” or “We Bought a Zoo”. Skip it.

S: Reading the reviews, critics are pretty mixed on this one. Rent it.


S: Speaking of Wall-E, Pixar is out with its latest release when “Planes” take off at theaters.

L: I’ve seen the clips for this. It looks like “Cars” in the air with Dane Cook starring as a crop duster trying to keep up with fighter jets. I didn’t like “Cars” and if Dane Cook is the pilot of this film, I’m not taking the ride. Skip it.

S: I can’t believe I’m the optimist this week, but because Pixar rarely disappoints. Watch it.

‘We’re the Millers’

L: Let’s see how optimistic you are about “We’re the Millers.” This is the comedy starring Jason Sudekis as a pot dealer who enlists a stripper, Jennifer Aniston, and two kids to pose as his family so they can drive into Mexico and smuggle back drugs. Does that sound like a dream vacation to you?

S: Totally. Normally, I think Jennifer Aniston’s movies are crap, but this looks pretty funny. It’s already doing well at the box office since it hit theaters Wednesday. Watch it.

L: You must have smoke in your eyes. I hope they don’t get across the border. Skip it.

‘Fruitvale Station’

L: The only ride I want to take this week is “Fruitvale Station.” The true story of a young black man and the day leading up to a life-changing run-in with the police, this is the serious movie of the summer. Watch it.

S: This movie, which opens at the Fargo Theatre on Friday, is getting some serious Oscar buzz. Watch it.


LaurelLee Loftsgard breaks down the best Hollywood stories of the week.

1. Chris Brown went to jail this week – for 45 whole minutes – and afterward took to Twitter to say he’s done being famous, is leaving music and is sick of the attention from a mistake he made when he was 18 (in reference to his domestic abuse conviction in the beating of then-girlfriend Rihanna).

2. Former child actress Raven Symone may have come out as gay to fans via Twitter when she wrote “I can finally get married, yay government, so proud of you.”

3. Talk show host Ellen Degeneres will host the 2014 Oscars.


Shaffer and Lamb are making predictions for the final eight episodes of AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” which returns Sunday night.

LAMB: So the countdown is on to see how Walt goes out. Will he be brought down by the law, gunned down or will his cancer get the best of him?

SHAFFER: The last episode left off with Walt’s brother-in-law Hank discovering what the chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-godfather is really up to. I suspect it’s going to be a very intense couple of months. My hope is Jesse Pinkman comes out on top.

LAMB: My only prediction is that for the next eight Mondays you will walk into the office saying, “OMG, ‘Breaking Bad’ was so intense last night.”