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John Lamb, Published August 06 2013

John Lamb: Twitter offers WE Fest insights

Another successful WE Fest is in the books, and fans are already looking forward to next year’s lineup, featuring return visits from Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley and a Zac Brown Band’s Soo Pass Ranch debut.

The music is the big draw, but the partying is really what people want to hear about.

I’ve covered the three-day country music festival since 2009 but don’t often get into the campgrounds. Organizers say guests have requested the campgrounds be media-free.

Thanks to social media, you don’t need to be in the thick of it to get the low down. Reading Twitter feeds from the festival allows you to live vicari-ously but from a safe dis-tance.

Here are some of the most telling tweets from the weekend, or rather the ones fit for publication in a family newspaper. The names have been erased to protect those who are like-ly still sobering up.

“One week till the best time of the year! Can’t wait to live off keystone and hotdogs”

John Lamb: You only live off cheap beer and ques-tionable meat for one week a year?

“Everyone just needs to leave their morals and standards at home for WeFest then we can all have a jolly ole time.”

“Wefest night 1- lost my phone, and my dignity. Not sure i was prepared for this #wefest2013 #dontmindme #drunk #bringon#2”

“I’ve showed my boobs to much today… #sorry-mom #wefest #livinthedream #blackedout.”

JL: My question for this young woman: Can you really be living the dream if you can’t remember it?

“Getting married tomorrow at the Showers. Be there. #wefest”

JL: Love is always in the air – and apparently in the showers – at WE Fest. According to this poster’s profile, she is an aspiring wedding planner. And the best she could do for her own wedding was the communal showers at WE Fest? Good luck with everything.

“Really hoping ‘BIG SEXY’ isn’t still written across my back. I don’t think my bosswould appreciate that very much. #WeFest”

JL: I don’t know why your boss would see you shirtless unless you’re a stripper. If so, having ‘BIG SEXY’ written on your back could get you a raise.

“I have a mini heart attack every time I get a Facebook notification that someone has up-loaded a picture of me from #wefest”

“lol. Just found out I got punched through a tent at #WeFest”

“I literally coughed my brains out last night #WeFest”

“We are literally eating spaghetti at wefest”

JL: You two are “literal-ly” stupid.

“Lost half of my clothes, got convinced it was my bachelor party, got duct taped into a porta potty, peed my pants and loved it all”

JL: How do you wet your pants if you’re already in a porta potty?

“My liver came to me in a dream last night, it said “Mark if you ever go to #WeFest again, I’m going to let you die.”

“If anyone even knew what all went down this week at wefest, could write a book. #wefest #amazing #somuchhap-pened #naughtygirlprob-zzzz”

JL: Hmmm … it seems kind of repetitive for a book, but it works for a column.

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