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Brad Leeser, Moorhead , Published August 03 2013

Letter: Columnist veers off to the left

I read with interest Jane Ahlin’s column in the July 21 Forum. As I read, I thought it was right on target. It was the story of the police pulling a nice young kid over because he drove a big car and had a beard (for a school play nonetheless). I felt respect for the kid when he refused to allow a search of his car; clearly he understood the Constitution.

Then in the last paragraph, Ahlin made a left turn and used this scenario to rail against the “stand your ground” laws and how that would affect the Trayvon Martin case. Uh, this case wasn’t about stand your ground, it was about the established legal principle of self-defense.

I don’t know exactly what happened that fateful night in Florida. Probably both George Zimmerman and Martin could have used better judgment. However, the jury found that the state did not prove its case for murder. Zimmerman’s response to the charges against him was convincingly built on the principle of self-defense. Stand your ground was not even mentioned in the trial.

There are those who want to remake America into an America that few of us would want to live in. Some of them have used the phrase “never let a crisis go to waste.” Now those same people have resorted to manufacturing a crisis (the supposed injustice of the Zimmerman trial) to justify shackling the right of law-abiding residents of Florida and elsewhere so they can no longer protect their life, liberty and property.