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Kaylea Schoon, Dickinson, N.D., Published August 02 2013

Letter: Heitkamp is no hero to students

I find it amusing that all of a sudden Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., is the “savior of students” and is “fighting against higher student loan rates.”

She purports that she is fighting to ensure that students like me are able to get affordable rates, but her party’s record is in stark contrast to that. One large driving factor in the rise of loan rates is in fact something that the Democrats champion. Obamacare is the culprit, with a provision that no longer allows private banks to provide student loans, making all student loans federal loans, which is leading to higher rates.

Mind you, Heitkamp thought in 2008 that President Barack Obama was going to be “amazing,” and one of the major parts of his platform was Obamacare. Either Heitkamp just blindly followed Obama or she believes that nobody will really look into the devastating effects Obamacare will have across the board.

What makes everything worse is that when a plan was brought up by Republican leaders to reduce these new higher interest rates, Heitkamp voted no, saying that it wasn’t good enough and wanted to kick the can down the road to next year.

It seems to me that every time a big issue comes up brought on by Democratic policies, Heitkamp tries to become the “hero” to deflect her support for policies that created the problem in the first place.

Schoon is a nursing student at Dickinson State University.