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Nick Redenius, Fargo, Published July 31 2013

Letter: Forum panders to worst instincts

Does Fargo need to keep up with the Kardashians? Network/cable television has offered many opportunities to watch overly dramatized reality shows. Need I name them? These programs hardly depict “reality,” but instead shamelessly expose obscure circumstances for viewers to (embarrassingly) gawk at in the safety of their OMG-I’m-glad-that’s-not-me bubbles.

As Fargo residents, what message do we want to promote for millions of TV viewers across the country? What kind of reputation do we want for our city? Our surrounding area? I’m all for not taking things too seriously; everyone ought to be able to laugh at themselves now and then. However, supporting, even promoting the development of a new “reality TV” show based in Fargo goes beyond good sense.

Would such a show, “based on local flavor,” highlight the lives of our everyday residents who display thoughtfulness, community, integrity, solid work-ethics and other examples of admirable character? Or would the show exhibit lives fit for the sensationalized material that (often) borders on distasteful? It is unfortunate that The Forum and its owner, Forum Communications Co., would reserve front-page space in The Forum for such a questionable venture.