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Kay Syvrud, Published July 28 2013

Our civilization is on the decline

After considerable reading on the subject of the decline of our American civilization, I listened to a national speaker July 23 who spoke on the same topic. In a brief summation, David Jeremiah said this about all successful civilizations. These civilizations, such as Babylon, Greece, Rome, the British Empire and now the United States, last about 200 years. If this is true, we (the United States) are living on borrowed time.

Brief outline of how a successful civilization rises and falls: 1. Begins “in bondage.” 2. Spiritual faith rises. 3. People obtain great courage. 4. Liberty is attained. 5. Civilization experiences abundance (in all ways). 6. Complacency sets in. 7. Apathy begins. 8. Dependence sets in. 9. Bondage returns to complete the cycle of the civilization.

Hello! Can you choose the step that the United States has reached? It is obvious to anyone who is able to think seriously about how far this once-great nation has fallen.

A president of the U.S. who left office in disgrace circa 1932 nevertheless spoke some chilling words in one of his final speeches. “America’s greatest danger is not from foreign invaders; rather it is the (slow) suicide brought on by complacency,” spoken by President Herbert Hoover.

America is rapidly going the way of past great civilizations. I believe we have reached the “dependency” stage and are very near to returning to “bondage,” courtesy current of our current president’s extreme liberalism backed up by congressional inertia and stupidity. Bondage (once again), here we come.

Syvrud, Hawley, Minn., is in Fargo recovering from a broken ankle.