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Jim Ebsen, Published July 28 2013

A key element was not pursued in the George Zimmerman trial

The George Zimmerman trial is over, and he was found not guilty. Yet, there are those out there still calling for his head, including the NAACP. During the trial, I heard over and over again that an unarmed innocent black boy was profiled, stalked and wantonly shot by a racist cop wannabe. The prosecution’s main claim to substantiate those charges was to unrelentingly attack Zimmerman for following Trayvon Martin. Furthermore, the prosecution maintained that if Zimmerman had not followed the young man, that young man would be alive today. That part is correct: If Zimmerman had not followed, Martin would probably be alive today.

I watched this trial closely, and one thing became very clear to me but was never mentioned by either the defense team or the myriad so-called experts whom I heard pontificating daily on nearly every media source known to man as the trial played out. What is it that was not mentioned? I never once heard the prosecution accuse Zimmerman of impeding or even attempting to impede Martin’s transit through the condominium complex only that Zimmerman followed. So, I ask: If Martin was not impeded in any way by Zimmerman, why then did Martin not continue on his way and eventually exit the condominium complex?

I believe, Martin chose to initiate the confrontation (Zimmerman said that to be true) and did so with Zimmerman in an attempt to prove something, something maybe as mundane as showing how tough he was (something not uncommon to young men), and it tragically ended in his death. If Martin had swallowed his ego and completed his transit and exited the condo complex, Zimmeran would have had no more reason to follow and Martin would most probably be alive today. Furthermore, Zimmerman would have successfully completed his perceived duty, i.e., protecting his condo complex, Martin would have witnessed the NBA All-Star Game on TV while enjoying his Skittles and drink, and this debacle would have never been.

Why the Zimmerman defense team did not pursue what I’ve stated above is truly a mystery. If they’d have done so, I believe, much of the continuing controversy would be laid to rest.

Ebsen lives in Fargo.