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Melody Larson, Fargo, Published July 27 2013

Letter: Keep your cats indoors, leashed

A recent letter advocates the abolishment of Fargo leash laws regarding cats. This would have negative consequences for humans and cats.

Cats are susceptible to infections and parasites picked up from eating rodents and other animals. While extremely rare, rabies can be picked up and passed on to humans. Unleashed cats don’t live long in our streets. Birds and beneficial wildlife are killed by the millions each year by unleashed cats.

And uncontrolled, un-neutered cats can become feral animals with resulting population explosions that devastate wildlife. I don’t recall hearing of a major problem in rodent-caused diseases and would think indoor and leashed cats would be just as effective to keep rodent populations down in our homes and neighborhoods.

For the health of cats, wildlife and for all of us, keep your cats indoors or leashed.