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Jannie Hersch, West Fargo, Published July 27 2013

Letter: Think again about downtown streets

I am curious who thought the idea to change the one-way streets in downtown Fargo to two-way streets was a good idea. I have worked downtown for 30 years and can tell you that the mastermind of this plan did not think it through.

First, we have the delivery trucks that have no option but to double-park when making a delivery. This already causes traffic issues when they block one or two lanes to make their delivery, now with a two-way street, traffic will be at a standstill while deliveries are being made. Great plan.

Second, we have the parking authority “golf” carts that also block a lane of traffic so the parking citation can be put on the violator’s windshield. Imagine the mess when both a delivery truck and the parking carts are busy doing their jobs in the same block. Really? Great plan.

Third, with one lane of traffic going east on NP Avenue, imagine when someone has the nerve to make a left turn onto Broadway or Fifth Street North. Am I the only one who sees this causing more traffic issues?

Not sure if the same great plan is in store for First Avenue North, but I suspect it is. I believe the two-way streets have been around since the 1950s and somehow people have managed to get in and around downtown just fine. The money would have been better spent in repairing sidewalks and streets all over downtown and other parts of the city. Come on, Fargo. Think things through before you jump into the next great idea.