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Ross Nelson, Casselton, N.D., Published July 26 2013

Letter: Gay marriage raises questions

According to advocates of gay marriage, love between two consenting adults is all that’s required. Libertarians argue that equality of rights demands that any two or more adults should be perfectly free to take each other as societally approved spouses, same sex or not. Thus, how would we exclude Kathryn Harrison, who had a four-year adult love affair with her father, from marrying him? On grounds that it would be wrong, unnatural or biologically foolish?

Yet these same reasons precisely apply to gay marriage. In fact, try finding one reason against incestuous, polygamous and other extraordinary marriages that doesn’t equally apply to gay marriage. Genetic inclination to gay behavior doesn’t mean we should approve of it, just as we don’t approve of other inborn faults.

Each of us has to work out his own life as best he can; some things we do should be done privately, and not for public consumption.