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NDSU Extension Service, Published July 25 2013

4-H'ers win awards in static exhibits at ND State Fair

The following 4-H members won champion or reserve champion awards in 4-H Static Exhibits at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot. Winners are listed by county with name, hometown and placing.


- Carolyn Schultz, Hettinger, champion, Fiber Arts

- Elizabeth Schultz, Hettinger, reserve champion, Clothing and Textiles


- Cassie Baasch, Oriska, reserve champion, Drawing and Painting

- Megan Beyer, Marion, champion, Glue Solution

- Kaylee Janish, Fingal, reserve champion, Environment; reserve champion,


- Jacob Olauson, Valley City, champion, Small Engines

- Kassidy Olsen, Sanborn, champion, Food Preservation

- Bethany Reiten, Kathryn, champion, Citizenship

- Hailey Schaefer-Jewett, Valley City, reserve champion, Animal Science

- Emma Schroeder, Oriska, reserve champion, Photography

- Megan Tichy, Tower City, champion, Drawing and Painting

- Adreanna Trzpuc, Kathryn, reserve champion, Forestry


- Peter Wang, Devils Lake, champion, Sport Fishing


- Micale Costa, Bottineau, reserve champion, Shooting Sports

- Nicolas Costa, Bottineau, reserve champion, Photography


- Josie Carlson, Baldwin, champion, Baking and Cooking

- Carly Fornshell, Bismarck, reserve champion, Digital Scrapbooking

- Nicole Fornshell, Bismarck, reserve champion, Do Your Own Thing

- Danny Garcia II, Bismarck, champion, Electricity

- Brandon Grossman, Bismarck, reserve champion, Entomology

- Kade Hoffman, Bismarck, reserve champion, Sport Fishing

- Kyle Laib, Bismarck, champion, Woodworking

- Taylor Morrison, Bismarck, reserve champion, Woodworking

- Brittany Swenson, Bismarck, champion, Food Displays; reserve champion,



- Elsye Anderson, Horace, reserve champion, Drawing and Painting

- Linnea Axtman, Fargo, champion, Drawing and Painting

- Megan Badinger, Fargo, champion, Outdoor Eating; champion, Child Development

- Alison Bugner, Davenport, champion, Photography

- Owen Duncan, Fargo, reserve champion, Clay and Plasterware

- Emily Erickson, Fargo, reserve champion, Child Development

- Rachel Erickson, Fargo, champion, Health

- Abby Germundson, Fargo, champion, Drawing and Painting

- Torina Horne, Fargo, champion, Bicycles

- Greta Klinnert, Kindred, reserve champion, Drawing and Painting

- Kaleen Krueger, Casselton, champion, Food Preservation

- Jaclyn Lardy, West Fargo, champion, Food Preservation

- Kelsey Marschke, Alice, champion, Crop Production

- Mariah McPhee, West Fargo, champion, Entomology

- Brianna Mohs, Horace, champion, Digital Scrapbooking; reserve champion, Food Preservation

- Derek Phelps, Fargo, champion, Sport Fishing

- Rachel Phelps, Fargo, champion, Food Preservation

- Samuel Radermacher, Wheatland, champion, Food Preservation

- Thomas Robinson, Fargo, reserve champion, Food Displays

- Matthew Truax, Erie, reserve champion, Macrame


- Raquel Bata, Langdon, reserve champion, Baking and Cooking

- Kari Hoffmann, Munich, reserve champion, Baking and Cooking

- Michael Kraft, Munich, reserve champion, Woodworking

- Javan Krahn, Langdon, champion, Baking and Cooking

- Tasha Krahn, Langdon, champion, Drawing and Painting


- Erin Haase, Ellendale, champion, Do Your Own Thing

- Jacob Hauck, Forbes, reserve champion, Crop Production

- Lexi Strong, Ellendale, champion, Clothing and Textiles


- Christopher Becker, McHenry, champion, Eggs; reserve champion, Crop Production

- Maria Becker, McHenry, reserve champion, Eggs

- Nathan Holtzworth, New Rockford, champion, Geospatial; champion, Microwave

Magic; reserve champion, Health

- Elizabeth Holzwarth, New Rockford, champion, Scrapbooking


- Justin Lee, Grace City, champion, Woodworking


- Grace Haak, Hague, reserve champion, Drawing and Painting

- Casondra Rutschke, Linton, champion, Crop Production

- Daniel Schumacher, Linton, champion, Horticulture

- Lindsey Willnow, Menoken, champion, Clothing and Textiles


- Adam Gorseth, Cathay, reserve champion, Baking and Cooking

- Justin Lee, Grace City, champion, Woodworking

- Tressa Lesmeister, New Rockford, champion, Citizenship

- Connal Murphy, Carrington, reserve champion, Computer

Grand Forks

- Drew Coles, Grand Forks, reserve champion, Drawing and Painting

- Clare Goodwin, Grand Forks, reserve champion, Knitting

- Moorea Kennelly, Grand Forks, reserve champion, Health

- Marie Kraemer, Grand Forks, champion, Communications; champion, Food

Preservation; reserve champion, Bird Watching

- Allison McHugo, Grand Forks, reserve champion, Clothing and Textiles


- Mari Ann Leithold, Elgin, champion, Woodworking; reserve champion, Latch


- Laura Muggli, Carson, reserve champion, Communications


- Kayla Feiring, McHenry, champion, Wood Arts


- Michael Mayer, Mott, champion, Woodworking

- Joshua Wallace, Mott, reserve champion, Sport Fishing


- Lucas Subart, Robinson, champion, Food Preservation

- Jonathan Walker, Braddock, reserve champion, Small Engines

- Austin Weippert, Tappen, reserve champion, Woodworking

- Cassiday Ziesch, Pettibone, reserve champion, Photography


- Isaac Huber, Jud, reserve champion, Outdoor Adventures

- Eva Lahlum, Marion, champion, Child Development; reserve champion, Crop


- Gregory Lahlum, Marion, champion, Aerospace


- Dakotah Aaseth, Velva, champion, Welding

- Job Bachmeier, Granville, reserve champion, Horticulture

- Will Bachmeier, Granville, champion, Horticulture (dill); champion,

Horticulture (rhubarb)

- Pru Bray, Granville, champion, Animal Science

- Katie Cargo, Towner, reserve champion, Horticulture

- Caleb Cross, Granville, reserve champion, Crop Production

- Emma Dragseth, Towner, champion, Crop Production

- Katherine Dragseth, Towner, champion, Shooting Sports

- Laura Duchsherer, Balfour, reserve champion, Crop Production

- Tyler Duchsherer, Balfour, champion, Crop Production

- Tanner Schapp, Granville, champion, Crop Production

- Wyatt Schapp, Granville, champion, Crop Production


- Damian Clements, Ashley, champion, Do Your Own Thing


- Tillie Alveshere, Keene, reserve champion, Microwave Magic

- Nate Egeberg, Arnegard, reserve champion, Leathercraft

- Brady Leiseth, Arnegard, reserve champion, Baking and Cooking

- Michael Neprash, Watford City, reserve champion, Eggs

- Trey Polivka, Watford City, reserve champion, Aerospace

- Morgan Rolfsrud, Watford City, champion, Environment

- Madison Spacher, Watford City, champion, Horticulture (yellow and orange

lilies); reserve champion, Horticulture (yellow onions)


- Abbie Bergquist, Turtle Lake, reserve champion, Baking and Cooking

- Ben Heger, Underwood, champion, Horticulture

- Ashlee Ketterling, Mercer, reserve champion, Horticulture

- Kasey Kolden, Ryder, champion, Outdoor Eating

- Kimberly Kolden, Ryder, reserve champion, Glue Solution; reserve champion, Outdoor Eating

- Grant Tweeten, Washburn, champion, Woodworking

- Taylor Tweeten, Washburn, reserve champion, Geospatial

- Allyson Youngs, Garrison, champion, Creative and Performing Arts; champion, Food Preservation


- Jayden Affolter, Hazen, reserve champion, Welding

- Calvin Aichele, Beulah, champion, Horticulture (rhubarb leaf imprint);

champion, Horticulture (green potted plant in wagon)

- Jacob Hafner, Beulah, reserve champion, General Science

- Paige Johnson, Hazen, champion, Welding

- Courtney Kemmet, Beulah, champion, Baking and Cooking; reserve champion,


- Levi Wiegum, Zap, reserve champion, Citizenship


- Jade Ellingson, St. Anthony, champion, Shooting Sports; champion, Woodworking

- Kathryn Goettle, Mandan, reserve champion, Food Preservation (strawberry jam); reserve champion, Food Preservation (chokecherry syrup)

- Lauryn Hinckley, Bismarck, champion, Leadership; champion, Design Decision; reserve champion, Fiber Arts

- Mary Hintz, Flasher, reserve champion, Microwave Magic

- Florence Mayer, Bismarck, champion, Careers

- Anne Storick, Bismarck, champion, Baking and Cooking

- Emily Storick, Bismarck, champion, Baking and Cooking


- Mariah Billadeau, Parshall, reserve champion, Crop Production

- Shaylee Billadeau, Raub, champion, Crop Production (durum wheat sheaf);

champion, Crop Production (soybean sheaf)

- Caiti Hennessy, Stanley, reserve champion, Leathercraft

- Calli Hennessy, Stanley, champion, Leathercraft

- Colby Hennessy, Stanley, champion, Leathercraft

- Bayden Lenning, Plaza, champion, Robotics

- Dylan Locken, Parshall, reserve champion, Horticulture

- Kia Locken, Parshall, reserve champion, Horticulture

- KyAnn Sorenson, Ross, reserve champion, Baking and Cooking

- Wyatt Woodbury, Stanley, reserve champion, Woodworking


- Dan Bjorlie, Pekin, reserve champion, Woodworking

- Paige Haakenson, Aneta, reserve champion, Food Preservation

- Makayla Heinz, Brocket, champion, Creative and Performing Arts

- Nathan Steffan, Michigan, champion, Educational Exhibits


- Wilton Henke, Center, reserve champion, Engineering


- Wesley Kemp, Cavalier, champion, Engineering; reserve champion, Extras For Your Room

- Peyton LeTexier, Cavalier, champion, Food Preservation

- Emily Sharp, Cavalier, reserve champion, Food Preservation

- Chelsey Zaharia, Pembina, reserve champion, Drawing and Painting


- Devin Volk, York, champion, Crop Production

- Isaac Volk, York, reserve champion, Crop Production


- Tylor Carlson, Devils Lake, reserve champion, Drawing and Painting

- Abbey Dahl, Devils Lake, champion, Food and Nutrition

- Chandler Dick, Devils Lake, champion, Advanced Visual Arts

- Candra Kalhagen, Webster, reserve champion, Design Decision

- Keenan Kalhagen, Webster, reserve champion, Electricity

- Leandre Kalhagen, Webster, champion, Clothing and Textiles

- Carrie Nienhuis, Lawton, reserve champion, Baking and Cooking

- Katarina Paulson, Devils Lake, champion, Woodworking

- Hanna Pike, Penn, champion, Latch Hooking

- Ashton Wold, Devils Lake, reserve champion, Woodworking


- Kaitlin Geyer, Lisbon, champion, Photography

- Elizabeth Perleberg, Fort Ransom, champion, Knitting


- Fischer Ackerson, Sherwood, champion, Arranging Flowers; champion, Drawing and Painting

- Emily Miller, Glenburn, champion, Cross Stitch

- Sarah Miller, Glenburn, champion, Crochet (crochet purse); reserve champion, Crochet (crochet doll outfit); reserve champion, Clothing and Textiles

- Grace Solemsaas, Sherwood, champion, Animal Science; champion, Baking and


- Madeline Solemsaas, Sherwood, champion, Clothing and Textiles

- Aaron Voigt, Mohall, reserve champion, Horticulture


- Ana Braaten, Barney, champion, Photography

- Chase Hibl, Wahpeton, reserve champion, Glue Solution

- Leslie Hibl, Wahpeton, reserve champion, Food Preservation

- John Kuruc, Moorhead, reserve champion, Bicycles

- Charlie Wynn, Wahpeton, champion, Drawing and Painting

- Molly Wynn, Wahpeton, champion, Food Preservation


- Emma Arstein, Rolette, reserve champion, Baking and Cooking

- Maria Brien, Belcourt, reserve champion, Clay and Plasterware

- Caitlyn Davis, Belcourt, reserve champion, Creative and Performing Arts

- Maddison Tandeski, St. John, champion, Baking and Cooking; reserve champion, Child Development


- Samantha Dukart, Richardton, champion, Glue Solution

- Kara Hibl, Dickinson, reserve champion, Shooting Sports

- Kelsey Hibl, Dickinson, champion, Geospatial; reserve champion, Photography

- Summer Pedersen, Dickinson, reserve champion, Horticulture


- Samantha Dick, Jamestown, champion, Microwave Magic

- Lexys Griffith, Buchanan, reserve champion, Arranging Flowers

- Jayden Kramlich, Bismarck, reserve champion, Wood Arts

- Shayla Schauer, Jamestown, champion, Wood Arts


- Luke David, Cando, champion, Aerospace; champion, Small Engines

- Jill Johnston, Cando, champion, Baking and Cooking


- Ellie Bergstrom, Portland, champion, Baking and Cooking

- Janessa Matthys, Hillsboro, champion, Macrame

- Kaelyn Matthys, Hillsboro, reserve champion, Citizenship

- Abigail Mueller, Cummings, reserve champion, Do Your Own Thing

- Hannah Mueller, Cummings, champion, Consumerism

- Justin Mueller, Cummings, reserve champion, Money Management

- Annika Rotvold, Hillsboro, champion, Digital Scrapbooking; champion, Health

- Rylee Thompson, Portland, champion, Woodworking

- Taylyn Thompson, Portland, champion, Design Decision


- Kaitlyn Nelson, Grafton, champion, Food Preservation

- Seth Nelson, Grafton, champion, Bird Watching

- Zachary Nelson, Grafton, reserve champion, Food Preservation

- Abby Zikmund, Pisek, champion, Leadership; champion, Communications

- Emily Zikmund, Pisek, champion, Food Preservation; champion, Clothing and

Textiles (two-piece pajamas); champion, Clothing and Textiles (set of denim

bags); champion, Clothing and Textiles (gray T-shirt/pink skirt dress)

- Toby Zikmund, Pisek, reserve champion, Leadership


- Emily Beck, Minot, champion, Clay and Plasterware; reserve champion, Aerospace

- Jaryn Bennett, Minot, champion, Health; reserve champion, Educational Exhibits

- Madilyn Berg, Douglas, champion, Clay and Plasterware

- Christina Bingham, Max, reserve champion, Baking and Cooking

- Dylan Finken, Douglas, reserve champion, Crop Production

- Fletcher Hennessy, Des Lacs, reserve champion, Horticulture

- Jessi Johnson, Carpio, champion, Drawing and Painting

- Tucker Johnson, Berthold, champion, Horticulture

- Aubrey Lemer, Berthold, champion, Outdoor Adventures

- Dalyce Leslie, Deering, champion, Forestry; champion, Bird Watching; champion, Scrapbooking

- Bethany Limke, Carpio, champion, Eggs

- Wyatt Limke, Carpio, champion, General Science

- Breanna Quarne, Glenburn, reserve champion, Baking and Cooking

- David Scheresky, Des Lacs, champion, Crop Production; champion, Horticulture

- Jacob Scheresky, Des Lacs, reserve champion, Baking and Cooking

- Joshua Shappell, Minot, champion, Baking and Cooking

- Katelyn Shappell, Minot, champion, Baking and Cooking

- Kimberly Shappell, Minot, reserve champion, Baking and Cooking; reserve

champion, Clothing and Textiles

- Peri Wilson, Minot, champion, Food Preservation


- Jarett Anderson, Heimdal, reserve champion, Welding

- Kevin Friedt, Harvey, champion, Computer

- Nathan Friedt, Harvey, reserve champion, Educational Exhibits

- Corey Schafer, New Rockford, champion, Photography

- Dillon Schmitz, Harvey, reserve champion, Animal Science


- Lauren Fearing, Williston, reserve champion, Baking and Cooking

- Kura Grindeland, Williston, champion, Drawing and Painting

- Hannah Johnson, Grenora, reserve champion, Clothing and Textiles

- Hayden Kemp, Williston, reserve champion, Drawing and Painting

- Tyler Keyes, Zahl, champion, Baking and Cooking

- Walker Lee, Williston, reserve champion, Wood Arts

- Madison Mehlhoff, Williston, reserve champion, Outdoor Eating

- Emily Richter, Williston, champion, Money Management

- Matthew Richter, Williston, reserve champion, Small Engines

- Katie Sperling, Williston, champion, Woodworking