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Mike Jorgensen, Fargo, Published July 20 2013

Letter: So who’s pulling levers?

In response to John Berger’s commentary in the July 14 Forum regarding the threat of “climate change”:

I see that he’s also an author with 11 books to his credit. That’s impressive. That being said, I can’t make sense of his attempt to try to persuade me of the existence of an impending catastrophe of United States-driven “climate change” along with the influence he believes we Americans have over the climate and our globe. If we have such power over the climate, then who do we call and complain to about having such a disastrous April, when we had snowdrifts instead of rain showers?

Who are the guys pulling the levers that control the jet stream, for heaven’s sake? Is man that “all powerful” that he can control the climate and weather? I think that is laughable and a grandiose exaggeration of man’s power over the environment. That being said, should every nation and person seek to be a good steward of the Earth and its resources and leave the Earth in better shape, if possible, when we’re gone? Absolutely.

I’m amazed at Berger’s prognostications for future “warming.” He speaks as though the disasters and devastations are a foregone conclusion. He even links Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Katrina to “climate change.” I wish he and our president were as nervous about the national debt and the real devastation it could cause with the collapse of our economy. Now I know he has the ability to help steer us away from that disaster, but it just doesn’t seem to bother him.

I am all for us being good stewards and reducing pollution in our environment. But when I see the president globe-trotting all over the world in Air Force One with a huge entourage of vehicles, riding around in his gas-guzzling, armor-plated limousine and “big black bus,” his stated concerns and lecturing of the public about fuel economy standards and conservation kind of loses its punch. The same goes for Al Gore and his huge castle of a home, boats, jet skis and private jet (I’m assuming).

The environment lobby seems to want to have America’s industrial and energy development hands tied behind our back while the rest of the globe is free to drill off our shores and use Canada’s “tar sands” oil once America foolishly refuses to build probably the safest, hugely job-creating Keystone XL pipeline. If China gets Canada’s “tar sands” oil and uses it, won’t that still affect our globe? People on the left seem to believe that China would be a better and safer consumer of our ally’s natural resources. Yeah, right.

Let’s use common sense when it comes to utilizing our abundant natural resources and not fear-mongering and “end of the world” predictions. Clean energy technologies and improved efficiencies have been developed through private industry without being strong-armed by the federal government. Let’s keep it that way.