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Mark R. Jacobson, Published July 20 2013

Letter: Great sham in medicine is costly drugs

Recent investigations into efforts to prevent heart attacks through cholesterol reduction have shown that lowering cholesterol has had no effect on the rate of heart attacks. Zero. This is because making cholesterol is the body’s response to inflammation, which is primarily brought on by poor eating habits. (Refined sugars, white rice, white flour and the host of artificial ingredients are the primary culprits. Eating these is like taking sandpaper to your veins and arteries.)

So, if you lower your cholesterol and don’t address the inflammation, you are headed for a stroke or heart attack. But doctors are happily prescribing any and all cholesterol-lowering drugs, even though there is no benefit; and lots of problems are created by them.

These same doctors prescribe Oxycontin and other addictive painkillers, while the government fights the “war on drugs.” Millions of people are addicted to drugs produced by medical research companies and prescribed by physicians. The toll on humankind is immense.

The fact is that the guys and gals in the medical field are happy to get rich this way, through sham and harmful patented medicines. But the reality is that more than 95 percent of flowering plants have not been tested for medicinal properties, even though those that have been tested account for more than 40 percent of the medicines we use today.

The problem is that naturally occurring medicines cannot be patented. So, in order to get and stay rich, the medical community dumps expensive, junk patented drugs on the population (with kindly assurances) as they deny the world the vast natural pharmacy that God gave to mankind. (In Genesis, it says every seed-bearing plant is given for mankind’s use; not 5 percent.)

When was the last time you heard a physician outraged at the lack of investigation into natural medicines? Never. They do not want people to be healthy. They get paid for treating sick people.

Long ago, cancer would have been cured if all the naturally occurring medicines were researched and demanded by doctors and the medical community. But they continue to sit passively by, getting rich by keeping people sick.

Jacobson lives in rural Richville, Minn.