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Fuller Sheldon, Mapleton, N.D., Published July 16 2013

Letter: Message lacks decorum, civility

Native apologist Winona LaDuke recently lamented perceived inaccuracies in American history, notably the decimation of native populations through disease and policy (Forum, July 7). Even though likely true – and tragic, the past is done and gone, and impossible to change, however great the desire.

The far greater travesty wrought upon all who claim even fractional native association is the choice most of them are daily making, right now, to keep blaming, criticizing and lamenting, missing completely their likely considerable ability to contribute to current society and attempt to optimize their own as well as collective potential. All with government assistance, we might note. Here’s government-sponsored/

­mandated racism at its worst.

None of us does well when the spirit of independence and vision of opportunity is replaced by an attitude of entitlement. However, not even proclaiming the truth justifies vandalism.

Somehow, LaDuke perceives her mission and message negates the requirement for decorum and civility, key indicators of intelligence.