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Colin Froeber, New York, N.Y., Published July 15 2013

Letter: How dare Forum publish letter

In response to Tom R. Kovach’s letter to The Forum (published July 7): Shame on The Forum. How dare you publish such vile, uninformed hate speech under the guise of “opinion”? Kovach’s ranting and raving is nothing but ignorant hysteria and has zero place in civilized public discourse. (Homosexuality as mental illness? Patently false. Not allowing people with mental illnesses to get married? Good luck with that.)

His “opinion” reads more like satire way too obvious for The Onion, or like something furiously pounded out into some nightmare online message board. Absolutely nothing is gained by giving him such a public soapbox.

Numerous studies have confirmed that LGBT youth are more likely to attempt suicide than their straight peers. Imagine that confused teenager who lies awake at night, agonizing over his burgeoning sexuality. Imagine him in the morning reading the newspaper and being faced with garbage like Kovach’s letter. Allowing that to happen is an unforgivable sin on the part of The Forum’s Editorial Board.

To that teenager, I offer this instead: I know you. Growing up in Fargo, I was you. I fully understand. Please know that you are right and people like Kovach are wrong. Do not pay him any attention. He isn’t worth a moment of your time or a fraction of your thoughts. He’s simply terrified at the realization that his way of thinking is beginning to place him squarely in the minority (and we all know how Kovach feels about minorities – no wonder he’s so angry!)

To say “it gets better” has become a cliché, but I can’t tell you how true it is. Choose to live your life with joy and love, and you will always be better off than those who are defined by their anger and hatred.

Froeber is a former Fargo resident.