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Ron Schalow, Fargo, Published July 12 2013

Letter: Giffords critics likely not there

To the two critics of Gabby Giffords’ Fargo visit (July 7 Forum):

Craig Vaughn, of Cavalier, N.D., stated: “Seventy-five people showed up at her event, half of them wearing NRA shirts.” A) Either Vaughn can’t count, or he wasn’t there. Atomic Coffee was standing-room only. B) I didn’t see one person wearing an NRA shirt, let alone half the crowd. Maybe they had them on inside out.

And Matthew Breckner, of Fargo, wrote: “Gabrielle Giffords’ “round table” was anything but that, as anyone who was pro-gun was quickly kicked out. No dissent allowed! This was not a round table.” He’s right, technically.

The place was so full that Giffords had to climb part way up a stepladder to be seen. I don’t even know whether Atomic has any round tables, but one of the two questions taken was offered by a “dissenter,” so either Breckner wasn’t there or he can’t hear.

And, I wasn’t queried when I entered and neither was anyone else – not even those wearing the invisible NRA shirts.