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Published July 11 2013

Benshoof: Despite my smartphone, I'm an old man at heart

Like any kid, I always looked forward to days off from school.

I could sleep in, there would be no homework to do, I could eat as much junk food as I wanted and – most importantly – I’d be able to sit and watch re-runs of “Matlock” on TV.

There was just something comforting about watching Andy Griffith as he solved crimes and procured a “not guilty” verdict for his client in his folksy, down-home manner.

Even though I was in high school – or was it middle school? I don’t remember which – I was already an old man at heart.

And I still am today, even though I own a smartphone, as I described in my column last week and as The Forum’s Opinion Editor Jack Zaleski touched on in his Sunday column.

But just because I own a little technology here and there doesn’t make me any less of an old man at heart. Sometimes, no matter how curmudgeonly I might feel about whippersnappers and their Snapchats and their Vines and their iPhones these days, it might be helpful to be up on all the lingo and technology.

For example, now I own two seasons of “Matlock” on DVD.

“Matlock” on DVD? I know, I know. It just doesn’t seem right. Andy Griffith surely would not approve, sitting on his porch plucking away at his banjo while whittling a spoon out of a branch and yelling at kids to get off his lawn.

And I have to agree – I’d much prefer if my editions of “Matlock” could be enjoyed on a VHS – remember a VHS? That thing you had to “rewind?” – but that’s just not feasible anymore.

Good luck finding a VHS, let alone a VCR, for sale anywhere.

Sometimes you might have to embrace a little technology just to be able to enjoy some conveniences – in my case, being able to watch “Matlock.”

Using such technology isn’t the end of the world. It doesn’t mean that the next thing you know you’ll own all the devices, like those newfangled Galaxy whatchamacallits.

And it certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll start roving around with a Twittering gang of hooligans as they talk way too loudly and inconsiderately walk across people’s front lawns at 7 p.m. when some people have already put on their pajamas and are trying to get some rest and shuteye.

Wait a minute. That’s my lawn.

Hey, you kids! You there! Get off my property!

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