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Tom R. Kovach, Nevis, Minn., Published July 07 2013

US going the way of ancient Rome

With the U.S. Supreme Court endorsing gay marriage and the insane joy expressed by liberal media outlets like The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News and CNN, one would think that over half of the U.S. population is homosexual.

I see nothing to celebrate over allowing people with a mental illness (homosexuality), to get married. It has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with common sense. There are two sexes on this planet – male and female. There is no in-between. If you do not understand what sex you are, then you have a serious mental problem.

I think this country is a lot like ancient Rome. We are in decline. They were invaded by barbarians. We have an invasion by illegal immigrants. Rome’s troops were spread too thin, and so is the United States with military involvements in places where we shouldn’t be. Rome’s huge welfare system, giving people free bread and the Circus games, bankrupted the empire, just as our handouts are breaking us financially. And at the end, Rome’s morals were going to the dogs. This latest endorsement of homosexuality by the Supreme Court shows how low America’s morals have dropped.

Look around at our huge debt, our huge unemployment, our vanishing resources, our social corruption, and it doesn’t look very bright for our future. I think it’s all downhill from here.