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Robyn Masseth, Moorhead, Published July 06 2013

Letter: Never seen such a caring coach

About Moorhead hockey coach Peter Cullen:

It just breaks my heart to see how an “anonymous complaint” can do so much damage. Why can a complaint be filed with the district officials for a “history of being investigated but never convicted” and yet the source can remain anonymous? Instead, an individual’s personal life can be printed so they get tried and convicted by public opinion.

My son was one of the nine seniors who had the honor of playing for Cullen this past season. For more than 18 years, my three sons played many sports with all different types of coaches. Several times we had coaches who would yell, scream, swear and did little for a young man’s self-esteem, and yet they kept their jobs. Until meeting Cullen, I had never seen a coach with so much caring, sincerity and genuine interest in these boys, not just as players but young men.

Find me someone who doesn’t have something in their lives that they are not proud of or wish they could take back or fix. Why should police calls to a home even be relevant if no charges were ever filed? I don’t think an individual’s personal relationships define everything about them in their life. What does any of that have to do with how he does his job as a coach? Obviously nothing since the hockey team never heard about any of this during the season because it didn’t affect his ability to be a wonderful coach!

He never lost his temper with officials, never was kicked out of a game, and never disrespected any player. Instead he showed them how to come back after adversity and loss and end up as consolation champions in the Minnesota State Hockey tournament. To me, he’s the best thing that has happened to Moorhead hockey in a very long time. To lose him would be a very big mistake.

I want to encourage the Moorhead School District, athletic director, superintendent and school board not to accept Cullen’s resignation. Please stand up and support Cullen to come back to Moorhead hockey.