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Craig Vaughn, Cavalier, N.D., Published July 06 2013

Letter: Forum editorial has no credibility

The Forum editorial (July 3) praising Gabby Giffords and trashing the NRA and pro-Second Amendment legislators is ridiculous. Your opinion has no credibility. Seventy percent of North Dakotans support her ideas, huh? Seventy-five people showed up at her event, half of them wearing NRA shirts.

You say Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., drank the “NRA Kool-Aid”? The NRA was established to teach citizens marksmanship and to educate them about firearm safety; they donate millions of dollars a year to do both of those things.

If you believe for one second that 90 percent of Americans agree with Giffords, then you are an absolute buffoon. Ninety percent of Americans don’t agree on anything, and if you’d like to take me up on that, give me a call. You and I can walk down the street and ask 10 people here in North Dakota what they think, and we’ll see who’s right.