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April Matson, Fargo, Published July 06 2013

Letter: Like Gremlin eggs off a wet Gizmo’s back

Have you walked in downtown Fargo recently? Do you get the feeling you are being watched? It isn’t your imagination, given over to paranoid schizophrenia; someone is watching you.

Over the past couple of years, surveillance cameras have made their way into the downtown area. If you happen to look up, from dodging cigarette butts and trash, you will see the black eye in the sky. Like the eye of Horus, it seemingly offers protection, hovering over the streets, a modern-day manifestation of an ancient deity. But this contemporary version has infrared and facial recognition; sorry, Horus, we may have one-upped you.

Much like the ancient Egyptians, humans today face a world of fears and uncertainty, and much like our early counterparts, we allowed our overlords to ensure our safety and security by giving up ourselves. Even modern-day gods require sacrifices, and we have offered, in exchange for “safe haven,” the right to roam freely, unchecked, and without the dehumanizing effects of constant observation, like animals in a cage.

Downtown Fargo is our dystopian future. The cameras will replicate, like gremlin eggs off a wet Gizmo’s back, and they will be placed in other parts of the city (for our safety, of course). If you aren’t doing anything wrong, well bully! Good for you! Then you won’t mind if your overlords ask you to stop at checkpoints, just to make sure you still are not doing anything wrong, and that of course, you are safe.

And if you believe these things are keeping your society well-ordered and secure, I have a Mogwai in a cage I’d like to sell you ...