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Joseph Butler, East Grand Forks, Minn., Published July 05 2013

Letter: The propaganda wagon rolls along

How many times have you heard warnings that the current liberal policies of America are repeating the errors of Hitler’s Nazi Germany? How naive and blatantly mistaken is the comparison.

Hitler and his henchmen were ultraconservatives who were homophobic, racist and anti-intellectuals, claiming, of course, to be “good” Christians who blamed much of the world’s problems on, well, no, not Muslims but Jews! Women were to become breeders for the new Reich, which was code for a return to the days of medieval Europe, when men were men and women knew their place! These flag-waving patriots actually felt it was their destiny to invade other countries and justify it by believing themselves the new world order.

Liberals, well, those that did not flee the country, were often imprisoned or killed for wanting equality and intellectual freedoms.

It is a lack of progress and adaptability we need to fear most as humans and as a nation. Please educate yourselves before you jump on any propaganda bandwagon.