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Bob Lind, Published July 03 2013

Bob Lind: ‘Lompe’ is lefse for hot dogs

Once again, this week the nation will be celebrating its independence.

But last May 17, another national celebration was observed by many: Norway’s Syttende Mai, marking the day Norway’s constitution was signed, officially making that country independent.

And that leads to a topic Neighbors’ readers often bring up: Norwegian food, with lefse heading the list.

A column about eating hot dogs rolled in lefse led Tim Jorgensen to write about what he calls his “personal mission to inform and educate the public about something called ‘lompe.’ ”

Tim is the events coordinator for the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County, based in Moorhead’s Hjemkomst Center.

Lompe, he writes, is what Norwegians use when serving hot dogs. “It’s nearly the same recipe as lefse, but it’s thicker and the diameter smaller, suitable for hot dogs,” he writes.

The Hjemkomst Center sold hot dogs in lefse during Syttende Mai, and Tim had a poster up that day which explained lompe.

He also sent Neighbors a website article, written by someone not identified, who described lompe as “a small and thin version of lefse which is rolled around a hot dog, instead (or together with) the regular hot dog bun.

“You wrap your sausage in them together with ketchup and mustard.

“I personally think it’s very strange that lompe is not something that has caught on in other countries.

“Sausage in a bun is good,” the website writer said, “and we do have buns in Norway, too (very good, if you want to put a lot of relish on your sausage), but lompe has a great taste that goes very well together with a sausage.”

Well, maybe Norwegian-Americans will celebrate July 4th by chowing down on lompe, symbolically linking the independence of both of these great countries.

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