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Michael A. Ross Hawley, Minn., Published July 01 2013

Letter: What next for sex revolution?

The modern sexual revolution began with “the pill” in the early 1960s. It inadvertently produced so many unwanted babies that abortion on demand was legalized by the Supreme Court in 1973. The homosexual revolution began in 1969, and we can now say it is nearing complete success with a dozen states legalizing gay “marriage.” With the Boy Scouts capitulating and the Supreme Court set to rule the feds’ position on the matter, and organizations such as Exodus International, which attempted to treat same-sex attractions by “reparative therapy,” going out of existence, I think we can agree that the gay revolution has prevailed.

Where to now? Any guesses? I don’t know, but anything is possible.

Try this when you have a minute: Google “pedophilia caused by gene.” See if that gives us a clue as to what is next on the road to total depravity. A half-century ago we crossed the rubicon when we discarded the norm of sexual activity confined to the bonds of heterosexual marriage.

Since, we have done everything morally and financially that has brought civilizations to an end. Predictably, clergy and social conservative politicians are warning that moral collapse is coming. Not so. Moral collapse has long since occurred. Economic and societal will follow. We can now only pray that it happens before the pedophiles also get their “rights.”