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Angie Wieck, Published June 30 2013

It's My Job: Critters keep pest control company busy in summer

Business profile

Business: Johnsons Pest Control & Lawn Service

Address: 112 8th Ave. N.W., West Fargo

PHone: (701) 282-8490

website: www.johnsonspest.com

WEST FARGO – Do you have unwanted summer houseguests, perhaps of the insect or rodent variety? Tim Johnson is the guy to call.

Johnson, president of Johnsons Pest Control & Lawn Service, has worked in pest control for more than 30 years. He recently talked about treatment for pests common to the area.

What are some of the common pests you treat?

Most of the common pests we deal with range from spiders, crickets, sowbugs, yellow jackets and ants to voles.

Vole is the term that is commonly used, but I call them field mice because I want people to know to what they actually are.

Squirrels are another common call. We always try to catch and release them if possible. We’ll often set up a trap and show the homeowner how to use it. If they feel they can handle it on their own, then we turn it over to them.

Is it common for squirrels to get in houses?

Most of the time if they’re getting in the house it’s through the attic. It’s because they’ve got some trees or some other access to the roof area and maybe something on the house is getting weak or damaged. It’s usually wood houses where they will chew a hole through and get into the attic to try and nest.

Is summer your busiest time?

We’re always busiest in the summer. Heat is what delegates how busy we’ll be. Insects only know temperature. As the temp goes up, their breathing comes back and it’s when they’re most active. If the temp goes down, their bodies start shutting down and that’s when they go into their dormant stage. That’s why we have insects when the spring comes.

What about the winter months?

There are inside bugs that never quit, like bedbugs, silverfish, cockroaches and even ants that have nested inside your house. Other common ones are box elder bugs, Asian lady beetles and cluster flies, those lazy flies that show up in the winter. They actually come and winter in your house. They crawl through any cracks or crevices they can get into and they sit in your insulation.

Are bedbugs very common around here?

The bedbug issue is just getting heavier. People travel and bedbugs are carried home. All it takes is to go to a motel or anywhere; if there are bedbugs they can crawl into a purse, backpack, suitcase, anything.

How do you treat bedbugs?

There are two different treatments. One is with insecticide. But when you do an insecticide treatment for bedbugs, you’re missing a lot of things because we can’t treat anybody’s personal items.

The best treatment is to do what we call a deep heat treatment where you heat up the home or apartment to 130 degrees. Heat is the only thing that really kills them.

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