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Thomas Lawrence, Fargo, Published June 29 2013

Letter: Distorted view of older schools

In reference to Keith Berg’s letters, published on April 12 and May 1, regarding pumping millions of dollars into old and undersized schools:

Doesn’t he realize that there are schools that the district hasn’t even invested $750,000? Maybe instead of making comments about the interior of older schools that insult the maintenance staff who work hard to keep our schools functioning, he should look at the “deferred maintenance” that the school district has neglected to provide some of these older schools.

When he talks about the schools that have 146 to 214 students, he needs to look at his own school and how it fits into this equation. How many fewer students would his school (Washington) have if the boundaries hadn’t been moved a few years ago? This was a move that took a good number of students away from McKinley and forced some of those children to cross two very busy streets (19th Avenue and Broadway) if they were going to walk to school. If boundaries were moved where they should be to keep our children safer on their way to school, his school might have far fewer children in it.

It appears as though he is more worried about how a school looks and the number of students it can hold, rather than what these schools mean to neighborhoods, student performance and the safety of our children on their way to and from school.

In his latest letter to the editor regarding the $26 million rise in education, he is obviously not aware that 75 percent of the budget is for instructional programs (http://tinyurl.com/qbfqo82). This is for the people who teach our children and take care of their needs at school, not “wasted” on keeping old buildings open. That’s not even talking about what the real numbers are when you factor in inflation.

This guy needs to take a hard look at what the numbers he quotes really mean, instead of trying to twist them to fit his own views.