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Brandon Markey, Casselton, N.D., Published June 26 2013

Letter: When did it get inconvenient for Americans to get a job?

The people of the USA need to wake up and remember what this nation was founded on. The roads that you drive on, the bridge you cross over, the railroad system, etc. were all built by hardworking people from numerous countries, cultures and backgrounds. One thing that was the same with all of them was their sense of pride to be called an American and the fact they were building something to better the country that gave so much to them.

I served seven years in the Army, having served half of that time deployed to Iraq. Throughout my time in the Army, I had the honor to serve with many soldiers who are an exact replica of the people who originally founded this country.

I spoke with one of those soldiers, who after many struggles upon leaving the Army, has started his own business and has been very successful. He stated that he can’t find people to work as his business continues to expand. He spoke with an individual who had no experience in the field and offered him $12 an hour and training. The man refused the offer and said he was better off staying on welfare.

This absolutely disgusts me and should disgust everyone reading this. Why is it all right in today’s society to expect things from the government and refuse a decent-paying job because you make more off taxpayers’ dollars? What happened to pride in work, providing for yourself or family, and having the drive to succeed in life?

I think welfare and other assistance programs are necessary, but I also feel they are incredibly abused by many. People need to realize that nobody owes you anything; you should earn everything that is provided to you.

As a hardworking American, I hope that others hear this message and pass it on. Don’t expect anything, work for what you have, and don’t ever forget what this nation was founded on. In the state of North Dakota, there are more jobs than people, so there isn’t an excuse to not get a job.

If you go out and get a job like every red-blooded American and you still need assistance to provide for your family, then gladly ask. But don’t insult the many hardworking Americans and think they owe you something as you sit on the couch at home complaining you have no money.