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Bob Lind, Published June 24 2013

Lind: Outdated items remind ND man of times gone by

Aluminum ice cube trays. Flash bulbs. Wringer washers.

All are items from the past, as listed in a message that has been circulating on the Internet that Dennis Kjolso, Everett, Wash., forwarded to Neighbors.

Dennis is the grandson of Leonard Kjolso, who was a farm laborer and artist who worked in the Leonard, N.D., area.

Dennis says he remembers every item, every person, on this list. If you go back a few years, you will, too. But they’ll be total mysteries to your grandchildren.

Here’s more from the list:

Roller skate keys, 45 rpm spindles, cork pop guns, Marlin Perkins, drive-in movies, drive-in restaurants and car hops.

Studebakers, Topo Gigio from the Ed Sullivan Show, Red Skelton playing the Fuller brush man, and reel-to-reel tape recorders.

Tinkertoys, Erector sets, Lincoln Logs, gasoline for 25 cents a gallon and you got Green Stamps, 15-cent hamburgers and 5-cent baseball card packs.

Penny candy, mailing a letter for 5 cents or less, Jiffy Pop popcorn, gum wrapper chains, 5 cent Cokes and Chatty Cathy dolls.

Sky King, the little guy named Speedy Alka-Seltzer, ads pushing cigarettes as Christmas gifts and Burma Shave signs.

Brownie cameras, TV test patterns, Old Yeller, the guy named Chef Boy-Ar-Dee, Timmy and Lassie and “Ding dong, Avon calling.”

Brylcreem and its slogan, “A little dab’ll do ya,” and aluminum Christmas trees with revolving lights.

Neighbors, in a throwback to Bob Hope’s closing song, says to Dennis, “Thanks for the memories.”

If you have an item of interest for this column, mail it to Neighbors, The Forum, Box 2020, Fargo, ND 58107; fax it to (701) 241-5487; or email blind@forumcomm.com