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Russel L. Pfeifer, West Fargo, Published June 21 2013

Letter: Heitkamp right on gun laws; The Forum wrong as usual

I would have to say Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., should get a whole bunch of Prairie Roses from The Forum. (Leafy Spurge, June 17.) I didn’t vote for her, but I will next time. She listens to the people and not to The Forum or New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

No new gun law or background check will prevent any crime from happening; this is a fact. Guns in the hands of good people prevent up to 2 million crimes per year in the U.S.; this is a fact supported by the FBI stats.

If we just enforced the gun laws we now have on the books, we would prevent many of the gun deaths in the U.S. The Department of Justice said it just doesn’t have time to enforce the laws we now have, so I ask you: How would they be able to enforce any new laws?

Gun laws only kill more people. Only law-abiding people obey the law, so you only hurt law-abiding people with new laws. They just don’t work. The so-called progressives’ only concern is to disarm as many people as they can any way they can. Why? So they can control us.

We have the Second Amendment, which guarantees our right to keep and bear arms, and states that it shall not be infringed. So what gives you or our government the right to make me ask you or the government for permission to purchase a firearm? You just don’t have that right.

Mexico has a total ban on all firearms, as do many other countries of the world. What is their crime rate compared to ours? How many people are murdered in Mexico by firearms every year? Oh, and don’t tell me that all of their firearms come from the U.S. Only a few do, and they come from our very government. Not only are guns provided through Fast and Furious but our government trains and supplies the Mexican Army and national police. After they are trained and provided a weapon from the U.S., many of them go to work for the drug cartels.

For every reason you have to limit my Second Amendment rights, I can give you at least 10 reasons why you should not limit them.

I am sure that The Forum will not publish this because it is pro-firearms. But just in case you do, thank you for being fair and balanced.