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Todd Gross. Fargo, Published June 15 2013

Letter: Flabbergasted by bias reporting

I, as well, as many other residents in this community, am flabbergasted with the prejudicial reporting of a North Dakota State University football player being involved in a “self-defense” issue, and then, being arrested, prematurely may I add, and finally being judged by the reporters on this story.

May I add that the police and the state’s attorney’s office have also acted prematurely in this case, in rushing to judgment in charging an innocent student, who tried to explain his defense, and neither department would listen until someone finally looked at the video.

I think that every student at NDSU, especially athletes, should boycott city businesses in an effort to avoid unnecessary arrests and fictitious charges.

When Mayor Dennis Walaker needs volunteers to help in city emergencies, students are always first to react and join. If I were back in that situation, I would think twice about volunteering for a city that typically does a “knee jerk” reaction when it comes to arresting students.

Again the police department and the state’s attorney’s office “got the wrong man.” Maybe all concerned need to wear some Mickey Mouse ears for a while, especially the reporters who sensationalized the story.