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Jim Ebsen, Fargo, Published June 14 2013

Letter: Homosexual door opened when APA greased hinges

In 1973, after considerable and mounting pressure from homosexual organizations such as the Gay Liberation Task Force, the American Psychiatric Association went on record stating: “Homosexuality, in and of itself, cannot be deemed a psychosis.” The significance of that statement is this: A psychosis is a mental anomaly that precludes the ability of one to care for one’s self within the mainstream of the greater society without treatment. Homosexuality, the APA declared, just doesn’t meet that definition.

Secondly, the APA conceded that they did not possess a proven means of treatment that would enable a person’s transformation from homosexuality to heterosexuality. So, they concluded that it is better that homosexuals adapt to their anomaly and to get on with their lives as best they can. That opened the door.

It should be noted, however, that the APA never declared homosexuality to be normal, harmless, moral, deviate or perverted. I am told that science doesn’t make those kinds of determinations. Ironically, exactly the same conclusions can be reached as it pertains to pedophilia, i.e., pedophiles can function effectively in the greater mainstream of society and pedophilia cannot be cured. Should we expect to hear from the APA about that poor misunderstood minority?

With APA opening the homosexual door in 1973, the most successful societal indoctrination process this country has ever witnessed has reached fruition, and now homosexual marriage and adoption are at the forefront. And, most recently, the Boy Scouts of America have caved in to the pressure. I do not believe that in 1973 anyone saw that coming, not even the APA.

It amazes me that today that which was previously forbidden is now “alternative,” and that which was immoral is now “moral,” and that which was deviant and perverted is now merely “misunderstood.” Better yet, anyone who disagrees with any of the above is lower than low and labeled “homophobic” (fear of homosexuals), which is far worse than being labeled a Communist or a Nazi. Anyone deemed “homophobic” is now seen as needing psychological treatment so that he or she may cope with his or her bigotry and insensitivity. Even more amazing is that many mainstream religions, the so-called keepers of societal morality, have also jumped on the homosexual bandwagon.

I ask: Is there anyone reading this who does not understand how homosexuals satiate their sexual urges and desires? Just ask yourselves: Are those acts normal? Are those acts moral? Are those acts harmless? Are those acts not deviant, perverted and repulsive? I surely do not fear homosexuality, but I am totally repulsed by the homosexual lifestyle, for in my mind, it is as deviant, perverted and abnormal as it has always been. Please understand that there is a reason why most of the great societies of this planet have condemned homosexuality over the centuries and it’s not because it’s been “misunderstood.”

Though I pity homosexuals, I maintain that the homosexual life style is at best a dead-end street that can only bring out the worst in mankind. Label me a “homophobe” if you will (a more accurate term may be homo repulsive).