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John Aron Trandem, Published June 11 2013

Letters: Fiebiger, liberals corrupt language with double-speak

In response to Tom Fiebiger’s June 6 submission, “Visionary legislators consider humanity as well as economy:”

It is interesting how the English language evolves when liberals, such as Fiebiger, corrupt it to make their case to those of us they clearly feel are too dumb to see through double-speak.

Fiebiger begins with catchy feel-good phrases like, “providing a real opportunity for all citizens,” moves on to tout his affinity for basic human rights, insists that we “demand equal rights for all our citizens,” then to cap it off, mentions “our children, our future.” It is at this point where the author has an opportunity to demonstrate a scintilla of credibility, but he fails miserably by proceeding to frame the women and medical providers of North Dakota as desperate, bloodthirsty automatons who will immediately flee the state if any limits are put on their ability to contractually terminate the lives of children.

How do you provide “a real opportunity for all citizens” by opposing measures to protect their very lives? Which human right is more basic than the right to live? If you were to “demand equal rights for all citizens,” would you not include our most vulnerable among those deserving of these rights? How about “our children, our future?” What future does a child terminated before his birth have?

If Fiebiger is truly concerned about matters of opportunity and equality for all, he should demonstrate his passion by acting in favor of “all our citizens” instead of cherry-picking pet causes to tout while leaving thousands to die each and every day, devoid of the “basic human rights” he so desperately desires.

Righteous indignation over human rights ceases to be righteous when its purveyor actively advocates the arbitrary destruction of living human beings. Let’s start, Fiebiger, by advancing a culture that views all innocent human life as valuable and worthy of basic protections. Let’s stop denying basic science and accept the certainty that the pre-born are, without question, two things: human and alive. Let’s also acknowledge that the only sure way to prevent them from becoming just like you and me is to end their lives. If we take these very radical steps, you may find that many of the other issues you are passionate about become easier to agree upon and seem considerably more relevant to all observers.

Trandem, Reile’s Acres, N.D., is District 45 Republican chairman.