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Chad Oban, Bismarck, Published June 09 2013

Letter: Comments reveal real Kevin Cramer

Many of us have known the “real Kevin Cramer” because of his past few failed runs for Congress, and we were disappointed in November when he was elected. He is a far-right, out-of-the-mainstream, career politician, and it has only taken him a short time to embarrass the state on the national stage.

After taking office just a few short months ago, we’re being reminded nearly every time he takes the podium just how distorted Cramer’s views really are.

When Cramer offended and verbally assaulted individuals dedicated to protecting women and children in North Dakota, we were disappointed and embarrassed but not all that surprised, because we knew the real Kevin Cramer.

In the most recent episode, he decided to take his indiscernible logic to the University of Mary commencement ceremony in Bismarck. Cramer once again showed his true colors when his overly ideological thoughts came out in words, blaming school shootings on the legalization of a woman’s right to choose. No matter how you feel about abortion, this was a completely inappropriate time and venue – a ceremony that should be about celebrating graduates – as well as a seriously flawed leap in logic.

One would hope that these were merely political gaffes, but unfortunately for all of us, Cramer is not misspeaking. These missteps are probably the most honest insight into this man’s belief structure and a steady reminder to all of us about who he really is.

I believe that North Dakotans are truth seekers and would probably appreciate hearing more of our lone congressman’s deep thoughts. In fact, I’d like to make a suggestion. Every group and organization in North Dakota should invite Cramer to speak at their next public meeting. While you’re at it, record it, and put it on YouTube. We all appreciate getting reintroduced to the real Kevin Cramer.

Oban is executive director of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party.