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Katie Oliver, Bismarck, Published June 09 2013

Letter: In what universe does Rep. Kevin Cramer live?

Am I in some crazy, alternate universe or did someone really pick up Congressman Kevin Cramer’s, R-N.D., ball and try to run with it? I just read a letter to the editor in which the writer is not only justifying but also explaining how school shootings are directly correlated with abortion being legalized more than 40 years ago. Really?

Even Cramer himself, when pushed on his comments in his University of Mary graduation address, said that his commentary was not based on any facts or research. He basically admitted that he was spreading his ideology with no concern for reality. And yet people choose to regurgitate these ridiculous and dangerous claims.

There seems to be a contingency out there that believes (or at least say they believe) that spreading lies is equal to “common sense.” They think scaring people into submission will yield a better society. We’ve seen this tried in other parts of the world and throughout history. I would hope those folks would learn from those kinds of failures. I would hope that instead of being part of the spread of deceit and falsehoods, citizens would take pride in living in a country that works to provide freedom and liberty to all.

I contend that scaring people into submission, spreading mistruths and the telling and retelling of completely bogus information will only yield a population of complete ignorance, void of reality, but maybe that’s their goal.