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Published June 09 2013

Editorial: Knee-jerk criticism gets weed

LEAFY SPURGE: To critics of President Barack Obama for being unwilling to concede they agree with the president on one thing – just one. There is a cabal of Obama antagonists centered in the U.S. House Republican caucus that works overtime to find fault with whatever the president does or does not do. It’s so silly that we suspect if the president said the sun rises in the east, those knee-jerk critics would face south, raise their left hand, point to the sun and charge the president was pronouncing the sunrise a leftist/liberal conspiracy. Most Americans are perceptive enough to know when criticism is legitimate. And heaven knows the president deserves fair criticism. But the routine regurgitations of those who criticize everything all the time are tiresome and intellectually dishonest.

LEAFY SPURGE: To the few self-styled “experts” who don’t like the idea of the city of Fargo even studying a downtown floodwall option that might include a tunnel. It is unlikely, however, a very expensive tunnel will be part of a floodwall plan. The wall would be a permanent flood control measure on or near Second Street North and would end the need to construct a temporary earthern levee in years the Red River rises to flood stage. It’s an idea that has been around for a long time but has not been front and center until the past year or so. A project of such size and potential impact has to be studied in order to determine cost, best location, benefits and potential disruptions. To be opposed to a comprehensive engineering and economic analysis is foolish. The city has to have the best possible data before proceeding with the project or scrapping it.

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