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Bob Lind, Published June 09 2013

Neighbors’ mailbag overflows with notes

Here are some of the messages piled up in Neighbors’ mailbag.

From Fairbanks, Alaska, Arthur Dickman writes in response to a story about the late Charles Presler, of Staples, Minn., who could pull trucks with his teeth; Art, when he was “just a kid,” knew Presler, he says.

“I used to live on the Richard Dickman farm 3 miles east of Staples,” Art writes.

“Charles showed up one time with a race car that he had built on a trailer. That was in the early 1940s.”

Charles died in 1982. His daughter, Gloria Olson, lives in Dilworth.

From Glyndon, Minn., Del Tysdal writes (on a napkin, which is OK; Neighbors is glad to get notes in any form), “In Fargo in the 1960s there were downtown men I often noticed.

“One was a window washer. He always worked with blue overalls.

“Another was the sheriff with a brown coat and a badge.

“A third was a man with boils on his face and neck.

“A fourth was T. Torfin Teigen. He had plans to build a Taj Mahal.

“Perhaps readers will fondly recall who these men were.”

Over to you, readers.

From West Fargo, Jack Fuller sends these remembrances:

“As I think back,” Jack writes, “one or two things pop into my head often: my experiences dancing and roller skating during my younger days, mainly from my high school years, about 1958, through 1965, my college years.

“Great times all, but one place stands out the most. That was the L.R.C. (Legion Recreation Center) in Halstad, Minn. All the best-looking girls from west central Minnesota came there on weekends to dance, and boy, could they dance!

“My ‘gang’ traveled from Hope, N.D., (where Jack lived) and later from Valley City (N.D.) State University (college days). After that, marriage slowed things up. Marriage has a way of doing things like that.

“The L.R.C. drew the best rock bands from everywhere. Many were name bands or went on to become big name bands. It would be interesting to see who might remember the names of those bands, who promoted them into Halstad and any personal experiences the young people of that time had. Also, how far back did it start and when did it end?”

Jack also asks, “What ever became of that little building (at the L.R.C.) with the stage for the band at one end, a coat room that you walked through on the other, and benches along each side to seat all the girls?”

So who can provide the information Jack seeks about Halstad’s L.R.C.?

If you have an item of interest for this column, mail it to Neighbors, The Forum, Box 2020, Fargo, ND 58107; fax it to (701) 241-5487; or email blind@forumcomm.com