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Heidi Mann, Hendrum, Minn., Published June 08 2013

Letter: Shame on Forum for printing trash

I am appalled at the sensationalistic reporting of the Steve Sortland arrest. (May 30 and June 3 articles).

I know neither Sortland nor the alleged victim personally, though I know of both as parents of classmates of my son. God forbid any of the children of these two individuals should read your articles, which were rife with detail only befitting the courtroom or an X-rated movie or adults-only book.

Please, in the future, consider how to report news responsibly and becoming of a community newspaper, rather than writing in ways you think might gain you more readers. Above all, please remember that the people you report about are real people with real families and, in many cases, children. How would you like one of your own kids to read such words if the subject of the piece were you? How would you like one of their schoolmates to read such words? What do you suppose some of the schoolmates of Sortland and his accuser’s children might say to them in light of the details you so inappropriately shared?

Shame on you for printing such trash.