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Jimm Leonard Caverly, Fargo, Published June 07 2013

Letter: The runners are the real hazards

‘Dog owners: be aware of runners” sputters Brianne Hoffman (The Forum, May 19).

As a rapidly moving object, you pose a potential hazard to some pedestrians and their children or pets who leisurely stroll and play where you impose your fleet-footed way.

Some of these others may have nonvisible physical or emotional impairments – back and joint conditions, unhealed broken bones, torn muscles, limited eyesight or inadequate hearing. Your swift passage may jeopardize their balance and could cause some to suffer cardiac arrest.

Many dogs are motion aversive and will react accordingly. Other dogs may consider your approach as a threat and do what they consider is necessary to protect a best friend or pack leader.

Runners need to be governed as are bicyclists and shunned from sidewalks.

The fault is your ignorance.