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Jim Hanson, Fargo , Published June 06 2013

Letter: Poor Mr. Obama needs his rest

Poor, poor Barack Obama. When will he finally get to rest? He wasn’t going to rest until Guantanamo was resolved, the oil spill in the Gulf Coast cleaned up, terrorism defeated (news flash: he did that in his own mind), every American who wants a job has one (still over 10 percent unemployment when using real numbers), Benghazi resolved, and now the IRS problem isn’t allowing the poor man to rest. My goodness, Mr. Obama, how do you do it?

Are you aware of the importance of rest? The irony of all this all is, the low-level employees are preventing this high-level employee from resting. In my days in the military and the professional world, the “low-level” employee wasn’t afforded this kind of power. We usually carried out the instructions of the “high- level” employee or we were replaced by another “low level” employee.

I can see that Obama brought an entire new management style to Washington. When your embassies are under attack, you instruct “lower level” employees (he went all the way down to the secretaries of defense and state, how low level can you get?) to take care of it and you disappear for seven hours.

Now the only thing we know for sure is he was not resting because unemployment is still too high and the oil spill is not fully cleaned up. Where he was is only his business, I guess. Again I refer to my military days – that would have been considered gross dereliction of duty and possibly AWOL, but we all know Obama is so brilliant and spectacular that just knowing he is on the planet was an inspiration to all involved.

In the days when the United States was governed by competent people and the press really existed, these things would never have happened, and the president would have been able to get some “rest.”