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Bob Lind, Published June 02 2013

Lind: Fargo woman recalls fondly her pet crow

If Mike were still around, Neighbors would thank him for brightening some kids’ lives. But not, however, for showing disrespect for a law enforcement officer.

Mike was a crow.

His story comes from Kim Lotzer, Fargo, who says she “had to write after reading your story in Sunday’s Forum (in April) about the pet crow who did tricks.

“When I was a little girl living on our farm near Elizabeth, Minn.,” Kim writes, “we, too, had a pet crow. His name was Mike.

“I’m not exactly sure how Mike came to our family, but I believe it was through a friend of my dad.”

Sadly, both of Kim’s parents, Victor and Janet Petterson, died recently, or she’d ask them to verify that part of the story. But she says her older brother Jon Petterson, who farms near Elizabeth, fondly remembers stories of Mike, also.

“Mike loved to ride on the car when we would leave the farm, and usually waited at the end of the gravel road until we returned,” Kim says.

“I remember my mom getting mad at Mike when he wouldn’t wait at the end of the road and would try to follow us into town. Then my mom would have to turn the car around and try to get him to follow us back home! I think people thought we were crazy because we would be trying to chase a crow!

“Also, when I played in my sand box, he would swoop down and steal my toy dishes, or sometimes, my socks as they laid on the edge of the sand box.

“My brother’s favorite memory was of my dad’s friend who was a highway patrolman. Whenever this friend would visit, Mike always managed to conveniently do his ‘business’ right on him!

“In looking back, Mike was kind of a stinker, but we loved him.

“I am not sure how long Mike was a part of our family, but one day he flew off and never returned.

“We missed him, but he left a wonderful childhood memory.”

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