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Joe Hendrickx, Fargo, Published June 01 2013

Letter: Critic’s argument uses weak logic

In the letter “Eagle comparison makes no sense” in the May 28 Forum, Vel Laid states that a senator used poor logic by saying that since we have laws protecting eagles’ eggs, then we should have laws protecting against abortion. Laid goes on to say it would only be a valid argument if the laws were against eagles crushing eagle eggs. How is that a more logical argument?

Obviously we cannot change the nature of some animals, such as an eagle, but we can change our laws and behavior. I’m not saying the senator’s argument was the best, by any means, but Laid’s argument against her made less sense.

Another claim that I found quite humorous was Laid’s bashing of the billboard in south Moorhead that has a picture of a baby and reads, “I have fingerprints at seven months.” Laid said fingerprints are not a proof of life, “dead people have fingerprints.”

The abortion argument can no longer even be whether it’s a life or not: Science has proved that at the moment of conception, it is a life, with an entirely unique set of DNA, and that life is the life of a human being, so it is a person. The sign reading, “I have fingerprints at seven months,” is not saying “I am a life,” but “I am a person.” Obviously it’s a life.

I suppose we will accept false logic, no matter how poor, to keep the ability of terminating a life we deem inconvenient.

If you’re going to use “logic” in the defense of abortion, you’ll have come up with something better than that.