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Kelsey Gunkelman, Argusville, N.D., Published June 01 2013

Letter: Gender does not determine love

I have to disagree Ken Sims’ “Selfish Love” letter of May 30.

Although it is likely true that children learn different lessons from their parents, children are not going to be deprived if their parents are of the same gender. In his letter, Sims stated that “A man can’t teach a daughter how to be a woman. ...” This is completely untrue. I have a very close friend who lived with her father during junior high and high school. She has grown up to be an intelligent, kind, dedicated and successful woman. Part of the reason she is this way is how she was raised by her father.

I also know a child who attends the child care program where I work who is raised by two women. Their daughter is a big tomboy, loves sports and is a state-qualified swimmer. She has in no way been “deprived” because she has been raised by two women.

I feel that if Sims gets to know the young people in our community who were raised in “nontypical” families, he will find that they are happy, successful, and in no way deprived.

Love is love, no matter who’s giving it.