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Terry Olson, Fargo, Published May 31 2013

Letter: It looks like Republican selective outrage

I read the letter from Judy Gorman in the May 19 Forum, expressing outrage at various things, straight out of tea party/Republican rhetoric about the Benghazi incident.

Interesting. The attack and loss of American lives was a terrible occurrence. So, where was Gorman’s outrage on the seven attacks on embassies that took place during the eight years of President George W. Bush?

Going on, where was Gorman’s outrage at the Iraq War, with its terrible loss of lives of our American soldiers, as well as a huge number of Iraqis?

Where is Gorman’s outrage at this war, which was based on lies, WMDs that never existed, untruths stated by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice; etc.?

I suggest that you research the above, and reconsider your opinion. The main gist of all of the tea party/Republican rhetoric during the two Obama terms is that a black man was elected president – twice! They can’t get over it. Now, the leading (as of now) Democratic candidate for the next election is a woman, Hillary Clinton! A black president then a woman president? They cannot deal with the thought.