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Alyssa Anderson, Fargo, Published May 29 2013

Letter: Gun violence is from anyone

I am so sick and tired of senators, congressmen, local representatives and residents all over the United States saying this shameful, disgusting, not to mention stigmatizing and almost borderline bigot phrase: “Gun law is really about controlling the mentally ill and those with mental illness – they are the dangerous ones.”

Shame on all of you. As a person with mental illness (anxiety and depression) who is far from alone in this country, I know that the mental health system has a long, long way to go in helping those in need and those who feel they have nowhere to turn. Teens and young adults ages 18-25 commit suicide every day because they feel lost, alone and too scared to get help.

Hearing “mentally ill people are really the ones causing gun violence – they are the ones shooting up a theater or a school” is not going to make them want to get help. We are not insane. These psychopaths are insane, and their blood sucking lawyers use “mentally ill” as a way to get out of the death penalty or life sentence.

Do those who have a mental illness – the thousands, millions who do not shoot anyone – a favor and stop using that horrible phrase, which is really a cover for the truth. Guns kill people and people of all kinds of crazy kill people. Mentally ill is not crazy, it’s a cry for help, so help us.