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Ken Sims, Moorhead, Published May 29 2013

Letter: It was a vote for selfish love

‘Vote ‘yes’ for love.” This was the headline in The Forum on May 10. It was a vote for selfish love. The vote was selfish because the desires of adults outweighed the interests of children. By redefining marriage and family, we are saying that mothers and fathers are the same when it comes to raising children. Equality does not mean sameness.

Father love and mother love are different kinds of love. Mothers and fathers play differently, and they communicate differently. Each parent prepares their children for life differently. They teach their children respect for the opposite sex.

Under a genderless definition of marriage, the interests of children are secondary. A man can’t teach a daughter how to be a woman and neither can a woman teach her son how to be a man. A child raised in a same-sex relationship is denied the love and affection of one of his/her biological parents. I realize that many children are raised with only one parent. This is unfortunate. However, this is not the same as children raised in same-gender relationships.

The priority in Minnesota should be the interest and well-being of children. Minnesota ignored this when they voted to redefine marriage. It was a vote for selfish love. Our children should be our primary concern, not the desires of adults who seek to marry.