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By Tu-Uyen Tran, Forum News Service, Published May 28 2013

Mason, Liam, Emma top area baby names

GRAND FORKS – In the land of Norwegians and Germans from Russia, an Irish name and an English last name meaning stoneworker were the top names for newborn boys in 2012, according to the Social Security Administration.

There were 60 North Dakota newborns named Liam and 60 named Mason, both of which have skyrocketed in popularity the past 10 years nationally.

Among girls, there were 64 newborns named Emma, making it the top female name in the state. Here, at least, there is some cultural connection. The name Emma was brought to England by Normans, Norwegians by way of northern France.

In neighboring Minnesota, also rich in Norwegian-American culture, Mason was also a top name for newborn boys with 363. William, with 350, was a close second. The top name for newborn girls was again Emma, with 367.

Nationwide, the top name for boys was Jacob with 18,899, followed closely by Mason with 18,856. Liam was No. 6 with 16,687. The top name for girls was Sophia with 22,158, followed by Emma with 20,791.

The Social Security Administration released its data last month.